WOW was created by people from different countries and realities willing to have in an online magazine what they believe is cool and interesting to discover and share. By gathering a high quality content, the main topics dealt are: fashion, lifestyle, art and beauty. Based in Berlin, it has got collaborators from all over the world, among them writers, photographers, video makers, translators, web designers, IT, editors, stylists, just to name a few.

Our mission is to compromise with high quality content, trust worthy information, exclusive fashion editorials and articles in many languages such as English, Portuguese, Spanish and German.

We Are Cool! We Are Fun! We Are Free!



WoW was created in July 2012 and is effectively online since September, 2012. From the beginning on it has captivated a cool young audience, both male and female, in Brazil, Germany, USA and Spain, our four most important audience-based countries.

The average visitor spends from 3 to 5 minutes in each page and more then 50% of our audience is composed by regular readers. Our traffic comes mostly from social medias like facebook, pinterest, twitter, google+ and referral traffic.

If you want to be a WOW’s partner contact us at celsodacosta@wowrevista.com. If you would like to collaborate with content or photos contact us through here.


Get to know us better:


Editorial Team


Celso Da Costa Hamelink

Chief Editor





Joaquim Carvalho Beauty Artist

Ischrak Nitschke Beauty Artist

Pascale Hoogstraate Beauty Artist

Tina Hoffmann Beauty Artist

Franziska Reich Beauty Artist

Carolin Stapper Beauty Artist

Rosa Singhofe Beauty Artist

Léo Pereira Beauty Artist

Verena May Beauty Artist

Wally Diawara Beauty Artist

Servullo Mendez Beauty Artist

Júnior Queirós Beauty Artist

Helena Liebanas  Beauty Artist

Saskia Krause Beauty Artist

Yuna Cho Guest  Writer

Cheesecake Guest Writer

Davi Brischi Guest Writer

Fernanda Viana Dias Guest Writer

Solane Chloé Voll Guest Writer

Luciana Hirt Guest Writer

Manoele Luize Guest Writer

Elisa Barboza Guest Writer

Lena Muniz Guest Writer

Barbara Cristina Guest Writer

Ale Megale Photographer

Saskia Wegner Photographer

Tyson Ernste Photographer

Valeria Mitelmann Photographer

Marcus Paarmann Photographer

Anja Boxhammer Photographer

Alain Egues Photographer

Maria Dominika Photographer

John Joohn Brömstrup Photographer

Dale Grant Photographer

Pilar Schacher Photographer

Débora Spanhol Photographer

Kanerva Mantila Photographer

Lukas Bossert Photographer

Gorka  Alba del Valle Photographer

Nicolo Lanfranchi Photographer

Luis Carlos Aguayo Photographer

PH Almeida Photographer

Ralph Anderl Photographer

Áaron Serrano Photographer

Vitale Gelwich Photographer

Sammy Voigt Fashion Editor

Manu Luize Stylist

Hercules Terres Stylist

Rafael Chaouiche Stylist

Patty Cereijo Stylist

 Ha Phan Bich Stylist

Karen Van Binsbergen  Stylist

Rodolfo Schmidt Stylist