Berlin: harmony overcomes taboos

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When I’ve arrived in Berlin I was immediately taken by a sense of peace. I had imagined the energy, the great, deep and dense history of the city. But what I found instead was a modern, full of memories and freedom winds place. When I visited the Wilhelm Memorial Church I got in touch not only with the past but also with personal issues I was facing at the time.



The demystification of the facts invited me to bring history to life there, to build a temporal unity with no beginning nor end. The self warrior’s marks told me to restrain myself to the fancy, simple clothes, sharing the rich fragility of human life, of gold, sweat, tears and spirituality. Without a mask, I saw myself in that broken tower, with its destructive impulses transformed into art. I’ve thought about my identity. The contradictions that I’m made of. The wrinkles and the transparencies. Art and the savage. I loved that all. The rivers, the green, the metal and the glass. That was no place for contractions in that city, host of disappointments and overcomings.



I’ve thought about the taboos that I had brought from lands to be built. I’ve thought about how human beings reinvent themselves, yet repeating themselves to exhaustion. I was sad when I thought about the rivers in São Paulo, prohibited, by now, to be one day revitalized again. And then, I smiled, I kept accepting the complexity of an unachievable nature for humans. Walking in white circles, going up having the sky as a destination.



Looking around, I saw everything that everybody looks for: freedom to come and go, different things creating a diverse and rich set, street art, the sacred place of civilization, where everything belongs to everybody. The time that doesn’t run away nor oppresses and a new understanding of the rubbish, the rest and the dirty.



A city more likely to seek for reality than illusion. The simple that it’s complex, logging to be simple, to make life easier. I ‘ve arrived there with memories from “do not touch me” places. But there I was able to touch. Because I saw that harmony overcomes taboos. And that yes is more interesting than no.



photos: Davi Brischi’s collection

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