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  • Nordic fish with Portuguese feeling

    Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to visit Portugal, definitely proved one of the most famous Portuguese recipes, where cod is the King fish! For being passionate about cod, I decided to bring you one of my favorite recipes! Living in Berlin, the homesickness is always a constant and…

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  • Discover the charming Copenhagen

    As the theme of this edition of WoW Magazine is the Nordic cultures, I propose you learn a little about the most popular countries, when we talk about Scandinavia. In this article, the Queen will be Denmark, having Copenhagen as Prince. Located on the Jutland peninsula, Denmark is composed of 400 Islands, but only 82…

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  • Noma: The best Restaurant in the World!

    Noma is considered the best restaurant in the world according to the prestigious British magazine "Restaurant" that each year makes the selection of the best 50 tables of the planet. Located in Copenhagen, Noma has ahead Chef René Redzepi that wishes to receive all his customers in person and have a chat. With a small…

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  • Have you ever heard about Hövding, the invisible helmets?

    Created in Sweden by two industrial designers, the Hövdings are "Helmets" that resemble a collar. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin – were tired of common helmets and decided to create a protection for riders that don´t spoil their hairstyle.     After seven years of research, this two designers created the Hövding, calling them "invisible…

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