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It´s very common that we associate a Word to an image, this is something that can’t be separated. Because of it, when we think about the Nordics we always picture low temperatures, a lot of ice and the Viking.

But actually, the Scandinavia, this region at the very North o four planet, hás got much more than a rich vicking mithology, fulfilled with legends and historical believes, that arised in this region, and has been transmited to generations, ely in the Viking Era, when the family was the center of the community.

Nordic countries: far beyond the Vikings

The scandinavian Peninsula (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland- including Iceland) hosts the known nodic countries, that offer the world a whole legacy, very intriguing and influent, ely when it comes to music. Therefore, many of the very famous bands and solo singers nowadays come from this area and have spread their art all over the world like a potent virus, one really hard to kill.

Here you can see some of the most famous names among these bands. Some of them gain the world by leaving their original lands, others got it with their voice and remarkable work. All these facts have made of the Nordic countries an epicenter of fashion, music and design, a big global combo, that expands all over Earth.

Take a look at the set list that WOW did for you and enjoy it in your iPod:


This eletronic music duet comes from Tromsø, Norway, and since the beginning of their carrer, 1998, is composed by Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland. Their first album, though, is from 2001, it is called Melody AM, and ut was released by Som.

Röyksopp’s favourite style are the synthpop and house music. Their songs got a Grammy Award, and also seven Spellemannprisen. On tour all over the world, their concerts are elaborated and their clothes are fancy, which together makes the crowd enjoy, ely when listening to What else is there?


The Cardigans 

After their first álbum release, Emmerdale, (1994) the Swedish band from Jönköping got famous both home and abroad, ely in Japan. Their stricking record, though, was First band on the moon (1996), famous for the song Lovefool that touched many people’ s heart as the sound track for “Romeo+Juliet”, from William Shakespeare, directed by Baz Luhrmann.

The super blond Nina Persson, the lead singer, is very lovely and beautiful on stage.


Camille Jones

For those who believe scandinavia is composed by the whitest people in the world, would be surprised to see the danish Camille Jones. She is a diva dance, from Skanderborg, and her musical influences include her dad, a North american Jazz musician, Stevie Wonder, Johnny “Guittar” Watson among others. Her debut album, Camille Jones (2000), was proclaimed by the critic and had the song Nothing comes from nothing become a hit. She also won the Danish Music Award as best singer in the women category.

Her music got so famous, that even the diva Madonna considered the song The creeps one her favourites at the time. In 2008 she released Barking up the wrong tree that talks about sex, and, according to the singer, it was really pleasant to do; her last album, Did I say I love you, talks about Love, in a pessimistic way.


Lykke Li – Zachrisson Timotej Svensson: the pronunciation may be difficult, but their music can be sung by many people. Mixing elements of pop, indie rock and electronic, the Swedish singer likes to use in her music instruments like violin, synthesizers, saxophones, trumpets and cellos. Besides the traditional guitars of course. Her first EP (2007), Little Bit, was produced by the great Peter Bjorn and John.

After that, the partnership with Röyksopp (in the album Junior), the presentation at Lollapalooza (2009), as well as the songs Possibility (for the film The Twilight Saga: New Moon) and Klaus (for the nineteenth episode of the second season of Vampire Dairies) have made Lykke very known and helped them release their second album. Called Wounded Rhymes, it was released in 2011, and the greatest success is, for sure, I Follow Rivers, that reached the top ten of several countries, and had not less than 8 different remixes of music producers, and had their premiere at he magazine SPIN.com.


The Rasmus

Original from Helsinki, Finland, the band The Rasmus released their first and independent EP in 1995 and afterwards signed with Warner Music Finland. Their style is “pop boy band” (kind of similar to Bon Jovi, but for teens), the quatet has been conquering a lot of awards and are very present in the local MTV. In 2006, more mature, the band recorded a remake from the Swedish band ABBA, called SOS. This song can be found at the album Come Together released by the german magazine Bravo.

Atualmente, a banda continua sua trajetória com discos de produções bastante caras, e segue com a corda toda. O último álbum, intitulado The Rasmus, foi lançado dia 18 de abril, pela Universal Music Finland.


Karin Park

This swedish Singer always pleases her audience with her outstanding voice. She has won the Grammy in her home country for best pop promise in 2008. The lyrics are clearly inflenced by the dark style, and the melody is very alternative, with synthesizers and beats that mix electro and industrial music. Nowadays settled in England, she now has some concert support from her brother David Park and the producer Barry Barnett. Her last album was released in april this year and it is called Highwire Poetry. It has been very successful and had some music remixed by Hannah Wants and Ladytron, which are actually great!


It is impossible not to have ever heard of her, Björk. The almost 50 years old Icelander already has a collection of awards: Polar Music Prize, four BRIT Awards, four MTV Video Music Awards, three UK Music Video Awards, one MOJO Awards, besides winning a prize in Cannes as best actress in 2000 for her acting in the movie “Dancer in the Dark”.

From 1986 to 1992 she played in a band called Sugarcubes, but she felt like she needed to have her musical more personal, and left the band. Her songs tend to please a huge audience for being eclectic, including jazz, electronic music, classic music and a bit of folk. In the 90’s her most remarkable singles were It´s oh so quiet and Hyperballad, keeping its position in the british top ten for a long time. With other 15 million sold records all over the world, Björk has your work always praised by the critics, because of the deeply personal lyrics and great voice melody.


Robyn –  the beloved pop music “Vicking”  emerged in the media in mid-1990, and also came from Swedish lands, more precisely, Stockholm. In her solo career, Robin Miriam Carlsso had her first album released in 1994 by RCA. Named Robyn is there, this album had the most successful singles: Show Me Love and Do you konw (What it Takes), both were among the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.

The second album, My Truth, released in Sweden (1999), had in the single Electric the evolution of the singer Robyn, that also showed herself very strong and incisive on stage. And shortly after, in 2002, with the purpose of spreading the word for artistic freedom, the singer has created her own label, Konichiwa Records, that compromised to distribute only their own work. Since then, Robyn has released Be mine!, in 2005, and also the singles – which were previously rejected by the former label – Who’s that girl?, Handle Me and Crash and Burn Girl, made her following album (Robyn) one of the most populars, ely in Switzerland.

This is a bit of the scandinavian music! You have certainly heard of some of these bands, and they would definetly heat any cold thoughts coming from the Vicking’s land.

Enjoy it!

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Translation by  Marina Pandeló Paiva

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