Diary of ruins


Capital of the Brazilian night and in the same time a financial center, corporate and commercial in South America, São Paulo live or survive the tide of real estate speculation since 2010. Are not exaggerated the testimony of those who live here and who say they totally lost when in the blink of an eye, when to turn a corner, they discover that some old building (which does not even remember which …) fell down to recieve more one aesthetically amorphous building.

Moved by the scare that was to lose part of a architectural heritage, which simply created for us residents, a face to the city, I caught  the câmera, some pieces of clothes that I had produced for a small collection, called some friends photographers, friends of the night who served as models, and we went surf this “concrete jungle”. The result was more then a fashion work, throught the old buildings that were marked with date and time to desappear.

The images that follow, therefore, can sometimes contain a certain atmosphere as a farewell party and a certain charm “desolé” that invades the pages with a beauty wich looks like someting quite cinematographic.

By Nat Cout

Vivi Gnutzmann

Visual Merchandiser and Window Displayer by choice, Vivi is graduated in Fashion Design, Literature and German. Nowadays she works with Online Marketing, Social Media and as a translator. A handywoman is a way to define her, who is still studying, even though she doesn’t know exactly where that will take her in the future. In her personal blog, writes about bathrooms but wishes to do it more frequently because writing is one of her passions. If she had to pick a soundtrack for her life at this moment would be from Drive’s OST, who recently has replaced “Echo & The Bunnymen”. Is passionate about music, art, german literature, cinema and Berlin, the city she calls home these days.

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