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As the theme of this edition of WoW Magazine is the Nordic cultures, I propose you learn a little about the most popular countries, when we talk about Scandinavia. In this article, the Queen will be Denmark, having Copenhagen as Prince.

Located on the Jutland peninsula, Denmark is composed of 400 Islands, but only 82 of them are inhabited. The currency is the Danish krone.


Hotspots em Copenhague

Copenhagen means “harbour of the Merchant” and is the largest Danish city: with a land area of around 89 km² and a bit more than 550 thousand inhabitants. The official language is Danish, but the majority of the population also speaks English.


Vesterbro:  the hipster neighborhood in Copenhagen

Considered one of the most “trendy” in Scandinavia, Vesterbro is a hipster neighborhood in Copenhagen, it could be compared to Soho in NY. There you can find from luxury boutiques or cafes until grocery stores. The neighborhood is small and not that known among tourists. It’s very worth knowing it.



The Little Mermaid

This statue is known as being the symbol of the city. Inspired by a Hans Christian Andersen tale, is one of the most photographed monuments. For many tourists surprise, the statue is not of large dimensions. However, going to Copenhagen without seeing the Little Mermaid is like going to Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower.



Han is the most recent partner of the Little Mermaid. Han is a boy statue made out of carved steel that is located 40 km from their beloved Little Mermaid, more properly in Elsinore.








Royal Library

(photo by

Also known as Black Diamond, this is one of the symbolic monuments of new Copenhagen. Opened in 1999, the Royal Library is a cultural center of great renown. In addition to exhibitions and concerts, to visit the Royal Library have access also to the National Photography Museum which is a very prestigious art gallery.


Amalienborg Palace

The Amalienborg Palace is the winter home of the Danish Royal family. Rococo style, the Palace was designed by the architect Nicolai Eigtved and located in Frederiksstaden.

(Photo by




Operaen/ Casa da Ópera

Considered one of the world’s most expensive works, Danish Opera House is the national symbol of Opera.

Designed by Henning Larsen, this cosmopolitan building is situated in Christianshavn.

(photo by Lars Schmidt)




 Museu Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek


If you like beer cannot miss this museum. Discover the wonders that can be made from beer income, without drinking. Located in Vester this is a Museum of ancient art and modern art. Considered one of the most beautiful museums of the city is one of the highlights, not to be missed.



 Hereford Steak Restaurant

(Photo by

Enjoy getting to know this peculiar restaurant. This is a steak house where the client to perform the request must fill in a card, designating the chosen dish and specify how you want your steak: badly past, medium or well past.


42 Raw Energy Ball


This restaurant is by the treatment that makes food, serving them almost raw. The food is vegetarian and all foods that come to the table are heated up to 42 degrees. Hence the restaurant’s name, which means “42 degrees”. There are exceptions, so you can get a café latte (with almond milk) at a temperature until 42 degrees.

The proposal of the 42 Raw is serve food without losing vitamins and enzymes, while being cooked.

(photo by



Considered one of the most hipster bar in town, the Karrierebar is located in the famous district of Vesterbro. The most interesting of this bar is the mixing of arts, organic food and cocktails in one space!

(photo by





(photo by

Known as one of the Hotspots underground Copenhagen, many call Christiania to Amsterdam.

Christiania is an autonomous and sustainable neighborhood and that is governed by its own law, the law of Christiania. This is another free-spirited neighborhood.

These are some of the Hotspots of Copenhagen! I hope you enjoyed it!

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