Editorial Letter- This is Brazil! WOW #2

After wandering in distant lands, some unknown, some not, WOW finally arrives in Brazil.



Brazil is a country that’s gained its place in the world. Not long time ago it was treated just like some big country in south america where one could find fun and beautiful beaches, but nowadays it can show what it really has to offer.Yes, there is a lot of fun, nobody parties like Brazilians; places are indeed marvelous, but there is also an economical strength  more possibilities for buying which draws attention to international investors. This new economic situations gives Brazilians some brightness for the hope that people thought would never come, finally arrived and everybody feel safer, has got more opportunities, slowly has more political awareness and cultural incentive. There is still a lot to be done, but Brazil realizes already that, if things are getting better, picture how they would be once there was no corruption! All these details are important to understand the Brazilian identity and willing to show it to our readers we’ve prepared an astonishing edition.



Get to know the old and new talents of fashion, the mix of influences in the national production, the best of vintage and burlesque. You will get to know the new faces: who are the models to follow Brazilian tops’ path, where do they come from? You will also see how Europeans trends are adapted to this different reality.



Who are the cool people around the metropolis? What do they recommend? How do they live?

You will also get to know the best clubs all over the country presented by our guest writer Elisa Barboza, Ella FM.

More: tourism in Brazil, recommendations ans tips; São Paulo is a delirium: gastronomical, economical and cultural center.



Who are the names in the music industry: get to know musical producers, musicians and djs and realize how both classic and popular music generate rhythms that are known and loved all over the world.

More: Get to know the plastic arts produced in Brazil and learn how the cinema is conquering its space.


This is just a bit of what you are to find in this editions, so hold you bikini tight, because this is going to be awesome!

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