How to be Indie in Berlin – a little guide on the alternative nightlife in the germanic capital

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The underground cultural scene in Berlin is said to have begun after 2nd WW, in 1945. Therefore, while thecold war was taking place all over, the two sides of the divided city have taken extremely different directions. The east side has become the cultural center of GDR having all its production controlled bu the government, while the west side considered itself as modern and avant-gard. Once the west was an island in the middle of the socialist part of Germany a lot of money has been invested on it, so it looked flourish, modern and sell out as a mirror for the surroundig GDR regime.

After the wall fell in the early 90’s the “huge” freedom the east has conquered, the new capital created abig bubble around it, this phenomenon was also named as the second sexual revolutions, and attracted a lot musicians and artists. Abandoned buildings have been squatted and transformed into galleries, art spaces and a place for concerts and parties.

Of course the whole cultural scene of Berlin has changed a lot since then, for the city has been into intense politic conflicts, a huge migration process and the recent (and controverse) discussion about gentrification that takes place nowadays. Anyway the alternative spirit of Berlin is maybe its most important characteristic and it’s always got its place for it’s very strong until now. The prove of it is this little list of the best places for alternative night life:

Comet Club

It’s a small place (it fits around 250 people) and regularly promotes indie parties, always super crowded, on the weekends and hosts many bands that are staring their carrers or are unknown to the mainstream audience. I tend to say this is where many bands started, as well as in the Magnet club. Karreira Klub is the institution that takes care of the house’s programm and also of other palces in town.

Tim, Spencer and Christian are the ones in charge and they do a great job, for they are very into what’s up, which makes Comet a must go for those who want to know what’s hype.


As mentioned before, Magnet shares with Comet not only the space (the buildings are next door to each other) but also the spirit. Once this is a bigger club one can find there more people. The most popular party happens every friday and it’s called Indie Colective.


It’s a gay club that shares its building with the Schwules Musem, the homossexualty museum. It’s got two indie parties every month that gathers a varied audience. This club is really underground, from bottom to top, and it’s one of the oldests clubs in town. To get there find a dark little bar at Mehringdamm 61 and go through it, so you’ll find the club’s entrance, which is based in the building’s cellar. On the inside, the club has got 3 dance floors, each one with a different kind of music. The coolest parties are London Calling and Search & Destroy, that happen every first and third friday of the month respectively.In the first one will find more indie, eletronic music and rock and in the second indie-rock and underground rock.

Fuchs und Elster, Silver Future, Sux

So they say that if you want to be cool nowadays you must go to Neukölln. I have never been much of a fan of the this neighbourhood and it’s coolness has a lot to do with real state speculation. What I can guarantee is that hanging around at Weserstr is a lot of fun, either after of before going to a club. There are bars for all tastes, and i’d risk saying, this street brings a bit o dignity for the area’s nightlife.

In the begining of the street there is Silver Future, a LGBTTQ bar and café and in the end there’s the underground Sux. Cheap drinks, nice staff and people and a table football in the deeps of the bar make of Sux a nice friday night place. And last but not least, the legendary Fuchs und Elster. This famous bar, is an illegal bar, having no front door and a secret entrance. Sometimes a simbolic fee is charged for entrance, specially when there’s live concerts, and once you’re there you know everything you need to be a cool indie in Berlin.

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