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The construction industry from all over the world has been invited, some months ago, to join a sustainability competition. The aim is to find the best way to refurbish 5 different buildings in a sustainable, innovative and accessible way, having Nordic Built Charter as host.

The Nordics are very familiar with the idea of a sustainable lifestyle, as one can see their massive usage of bikes. Therefore this design  competition in giving 21 prizes to the developers plus a final prize for the company with the best approved project, considering the challenge of refurbishing five buildings (see below) in a sustainable way and with a low budget.

The event will happen on 08.11.2012, at Kulturhuset (Studion), Sergels Torg, Stockholm, Sweden, at 10 a.m. (Time zone: Berlin).

Get to know more about the Nordic building challenge

This competition is divided in 5 different categories and it is going to be hosted all over Scandinavia . This Nordic propose is really ambitious and help us understand some basic things for the future, like how to build it.

The money spent from each competitor was 300.000 Norwegian Krone (around US$ 50.000) and the final prize is evaluated in 1 million Norwegian Krone (US$ 174 thousand), besides the winner will have the privilege of being recognized by the Nordic Built Charter award.

To know who the winner is, check out under “events”.

If you have a design company, or works in one, subscribe your project and maybe you can be 2013’s winner. 😉

Good luck to all candidates!

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