Nordics go by bike: a lesson on how to be sustainable


Riding bikes in the Nordic Countries is much more than a trend. It is a habit in Europe for a long time already. This lifestyle is part of an urban revolution, supported by the local government, committed to sustainability. Copenhagen is like a paradise on two wheels, that has been growing a lot in the last years.

Amsterdam bike


All the pioneers cities, like Amsterdam, Stockholm and Copenhagen have now became an example for cities such as Paris, New York, Berlin and London, by generating a whole new bike culture. That is why it is no longer surprising to see  baby wagons attached to the mother’s bike,  elder people carrying their groceries in the bike basket, executives wearing suits, as well as the beautiful girls wearing high heels and even retouching their make up as they wait for the green sign. These are all abilities that the cyclists have been developing as the summer comes and goes and the number of supporters increases.

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The quality of life in Copenhagen has been changing, the consumption is being rethought, the car status now has its place taken by this transportation which is part of the life of Scandinavians and other Europeans. It has gotten greater importance and nowadays it is one of the main issues, along with tolerance, education and health, since this is a sustainable and healthy way of moving around, besides it is a trend!

Copenhagen: take your bike in the train


Some of the most famous brands included bicycles in their collections; these are totally into their concepts: they are beautiful and trendy.

It is also worth it to take a look at the video “Bicycle Design” made by Both fashion and the planet thanks!



As the concept of urban mobility gains momentum, bike manufacturers are harnessing the world’s best industrial designers to re-invent locomotion on two wheels. Monocle’s Sarah Balmond reports on design innovation in Copenhagen and Hong Kong.

“Bycicle Design” by

Photo bike Kenzo by Guillaume Mallheiro

Translation by Marina Pandeló Paiva

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