Sigur Rós screen Valtari film experiment worldwide in december

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After Björk, Sigur Rós is in my opinion the most interesting expression and combination of music and visual arts in Iceland. The band’s 7th album, Valtari, was release in 2012 and in may of the same year they announced a series of experimental films for the album’s songs.


 Visual artists and film maker were invited by band to express visually on of Valtari’s songs, for the mission they were given an unkown, but small (so the band say in their website) amount of money and they should create a video with no interference of the band. Since may, Sigur Rós releases two videos monthly of the project. In 3rd of december the last video will be released.

In september, the fans were also invited to the Valtari Film Experiment by participating a contest and submitting their own videos to be choosen by the audience, the winner video prize was US$ 5 thousand. Five videos were the most voted in the 843 participants and five years ago the band did a similar project for the tour of Heima, by then “only” 57 videos were submitted.

The audience most voted video was dauðalogn, by Ruslan Fedetow, and the Sigur Rós winner choice was fjögur pínó, by Anafelle Liu, Dio Lau and Ken Nga.


In the weekend of the 7th to the 9th of december, <strong>The Valtari Film Experiment</strong> will have screenings with the 17 films in over hundred cities in the seven continents. The events will be small, medium or big, private or public. To find out if your city will be hosting one check dates and places at Sigur Rós official website.

If you don’t know well the band I strongly recommend start with Valtari, following the order of the videos releasing on the website is a very good way to get into the sound “trip”, you can watch all of them in the site, Sigur Rós was founded in 1994, but got really famous with what is maybe still their biggest hit Hoppípolla, from Takk… (2005). They actually started to being noticed when in 1999 the band opened a series of Radiohead’s concerts.


A curious fact is that the band’s name is a homage to the singer’s younger sister, Sigurrós, she was born in the same year that the band got together and the meaning of the name in icelandic is Victory Rose.

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