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Berlin has got a remarkable architecture for it gathers both new and old buildings, some of them in ruins. Among these walls one can find a huge variety of street art, that says a lot about this city. With a cultural inheritage that embraces diversity, the city has an avant gard dinamic, that mixes the old and new schools audaciously. Berlin is really old and it’s been built and rebuilt many times along a century because of its political turbulences. The imigrations that followed all these events also strengthened it and nowadays Berlin is a worldwide cultural center. By walking around one can find an enourmous amont of urban interventions, from plastic arts to performance, also flashmobs, just to name a few.


wow revista berlin
Potato Flashmob by Peter Pink


The S/ U-bahn musicians provide the city’s soundtrack composed by many different rythms, from classic music to rock, jazz, blues, rap, lambada & sertanejo (these two are brazilians but people don’t have a clue sometimes), among others. there are many musical instruments too, some acoustic, like accordion, piano (!) and guitar but you can also find a whole band playing at the station’s front door (tip: U-Bahn station Warschauerstr. U1 weekend evening).


Foto por der_triton em


Considerinf plastic arts there is a big variety of techniques and creativity flows, but one thing is true: the art produced in Berlin is always very interesting. Either for or against hipsters, the ideias as clear and political, the pictures can tell. The open air East Side Galleryis a must see for who’s in Berlin. It is close to Warschauerstr. stration (U1)  and displays the painting of many artists from all over the world in a piece of the Berlin Wall. Other pieces of the Wall can be found all over town and it’s always painted! Besides Grafitti you can also see many posters, some huge ones, and something I’ve seen a lot it’s the reusage of objects, like bottle caps, for instance, and even LEGO!


wow revista arte


To warm up for our next issue you can see the well known art of OO Gêmeos, and there’s also Café Wendel at Schlesisches Tor station (U1) that’s decorated with typical São Paulo’s Tags, aka PIXO, that’s uses a peculiar font and are easily reconized by anyone coming from SP, the paulistanos 😉


street art grafitti grafiti


To see more in berliner street art walk around and observe! Proposed by it’s own name this type of art is all over the place! Check out a small selection of pix taken from StreetArt in Germany facebook fanpage and check out more here.


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