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October 26, 2012

The best fun with LEGO


Who never played with LEGO toys as a child?

I remember being little and spend hours playing with LEGO DUPLO pieces with my siblings. It was one of my favorite games, creating my world from those rectangular or square pieces.

Recently I’ve discovered that LEGO was created by a Danish, named Ole Kirk Christiansen, in 1930.

Only 30 years after its creation the LEGO achieved the success we know today!

My sister liked to tell me how it would be best to combine the small plastic pieces, but I wanted to do everything my way, and traveled in my little fantasy world, where I was creating rectangular geometric boats and castles and introducing Pinipons who were the inhabitants of my world.

LEGO binquedos
LEGO: quem nunca quis?

But why the name LEGO?

The LEGO name arose from the amalgamation of two Danish words “leg godt”, which means “play well”.

The LEGO inventor seems to have heard my prayers and developed the LEGO line Basics, better to small children who like to build houses in “real shapes”.

LEGO for kids
LEGO plays for kids and adults!

Nowadays everything is possible in LEGO’s world. Children can entertain themselves playing with houses, castles, villages, pirates and even playing with characters of some known movies/cartoons such as as Spongebob, Lord of the Rings and even Star Wars!







Makes me want to be a kid again and play too!

LEGO is also present in education, having the LEGO Education program. This was created in 1980 and came to Brazil in 1998. The LEGO Education program aims to amuse and stimulate children to creativity.

Legoland in Günzburg, Germany
LEGO´s giraffe by Sony Center in Berlin

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