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Between all the senses, the smell is the last one that we think it’s really necessary. Maybe because even without smelling we can live our lives and integrate at the society at a way much easier then if you would loose our vision or audition.

When I was seaching about the small sense, I’ve found that smell is the sense that the brains reacts first.

The small sharpens our desires, memories and make a “picture” inside our minds of places, people and situations. I would say that the small brings “magic” to the everyday events, even when we do not pay attention.

Where do I want to come with this smell defense?

Well, the perfume is my target: evidence can tell us that the perfume already exists around 3000 b.C., more precisely at Egypt. The perfume was always related to something – religion, comunication, and also as a disquise to the bad smell of a time where there wasn’t  pumbling or higiene.



The most important for now is that at each note, fragrance and possibilities, people are searching fora little bottle that are pleasent to the smell and also trasports theire personality.

Some perfumes turned into eternal, as Chanel n.5 that for many times was linked to te american actress Marlyn Monroe that answered with phrase below, the question of a jornalist – what does she wear to sleep:


“What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course.”

                                                             Marylin Monroe 1955

Marylin Monroe


Chanel n.5 since then, turned into the perfume world’s best selling but, if literally we all would use this fragrance, what would be of our individuality? And tha’s why the perfume industry always seaches for new ways and and technology. And Lucy Rae starts her campaign to open new hotizons on the fashion, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and technologic industry.


Chanel n.5


The artist and body architect Lucy McRae started her capsules project, that when swallowed permits that the skin makes a platform, a second skin improved and synthesized through the body natural process.  The fragrance molecules would be excreted to the surface of the skin through the transpiration. This way the molecules would let a smell and your intensity from individual to individual and it would depends directly from the stress, the body temperature acclimation, exercise or  sexual arousal.


SWALLOWABLE PARFUM® from Lucy McRae on Vimeo.


The biologist Sheref Mansy got together with Lucy McRae on the investigation and development of the capsules from lipdics perfumed molecules that imitates the same structures of our lipidic fat molecules and that lik them, would be metabolized and redirected to the outside of our body during traspiration.


Swallowable Parfum – Lucy McRae


If the project will really works or not, just time will tell but we can say that two talented people that get together to create something revolucionary, opens at least our minds for new possibilities on the future.



images: Swallowable Parfum Press material

Museo del parfum – Barcelona


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