THOR: from Nordic mythology to Hollywood

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Thor is the most emblematic God of Nordic Mythology. Actually, the legends that narrate what we consider to be Nordic Mythology are part of a whole European Mythology that was somehow suppressed by Catholicism and other religions many many years ago. Its legacy is still very strong on our culture. Let’s name a curious fact, for instance, did you know that the days of the week were named according to it? That Thor’s Day is our “Thursday” or Donnerstag in German and it is also named Torsdag in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish? Some studies even reckon some similarities between Greek and Roman Gods with these.

Besides all this Thor’s also been taken as one of the Marvel Comics super hero, the only one who’s not human, and, although they tried to make him a human identity, his powers are divine.

Most of the super heroes never ever loose, they may get into an edge of desperation but they always overcome their rivals. For Thor this is even more complicated when told by the Marvel comics since his main rival has become his brother Loki.In the comics as well as in the movie he has also fought other of the avengers, like Ironman. He is represented like the only thing can save earth, a very commom place for Hollywood.
Before, all the heroes were fighting criminals, some were even in the cold war. Some have fought aliens, but only Thor had the almighty powers. Even superman with alien powers ain’t as powerful as him. For all this, Marvel has made all those movies about the heroes and finally got to the Avengers Movie, in which Thor again is one of the main characters! The movies are pretty cool and they got to use all best effects and all that hollywood thing we are used to. It is really nice if you like this kind of movie!



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Check out a bit of the fight scene between Thor and Ironman, and check out the movies too! Click here to watch Thor, and here to watch The Avengers!



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