WE WOW: Elisa Barboza

Guest Writer, Lifestyle


WOW presents you a more than special guest Elisa Barboza, Ella FM’s radio hostess.


An amazing person, she started in small radios in the countryside of Paraná, Brazil, and slowly built up her career as a radio hostess. She worked in radios like Continental FM and nowadays hosts Ella FM, which is a bit different from other radios we are used to, for it’s broadcasted through Facebook. This radio, that has been made for the Brazilian women and has such an innovative proposition, could not be better represented. Elisa also worked in many clubs, like the no longer existing Heavem and Nasty, Royal Club and in summer seasons in the amazing city of Maresias therefore she knows better than no one where to go when you want to party. With such a background she has prepared a selection of the best clubs in Brazil, but there’s more. This beautiful woman that has been model for great national brands such as Iodice, Forum, Triton, Marcelo Somer and Zoomp has also interviewed great names of Brazilian music and will share it with us.

WOW is more than happy by having her and recommends you to check out this cool radio, Ella FM.

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