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SolaneSolane was born on March 8th, 1984 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Although her roots are based in Holland and her real father is Turkish, she was raised by a loving Brazilian mother and Indonesian father, since she was adopted from age 2.
As a young child she was always very creative and this creativity showed later as a make-up artist and hairstylist. Her passion for beauty started from age of 15 as she got obsessed with creams and care products, which of course resulted in taking beauty courses.
She became independent at a young age and lived her life on her own ever since she was 16 years old.
At age 17 she moved to Amsterdam, where she experienced a life of a real partygirl, but was responsible enough to go to school and get education degrees for hair and make-up at Else Le-Comte, school for Make-up artists. Sadly this school does not exist anymore.
At age 23 she left The Netherlands and went to live in Antwerp, Belgium where a whole new chapter in her life began.
Most of her experience that she haves is all learned along the way. Working in beautyshops an perfumeries she became a real make up expert and as a beauty consultant her passion came to life.
Been given the opportunity at work she took numerous classes and courses that were provided by brands as Valmont, la Prairie, La Mer , Clarins, Chanel, Lancôme and many more. Her talent later truly showed as brands after came to her asking if she would like to help with courses and so she did. Chanel was interested in her working for the company, but since she doesn´t drive a car….. it was so close! But opportunities come and go.
As a freelance make-up artist she also managed to do a lot of things in a short period of time. As so she worked for M.A.C. on freelance basis, as well as numerous photo and fashion shoots, fashion shows, 2 televisionprograms, commercials and even movies.
As she travels a lot (one of her other passions) she also learns about beauty tricks and tips from other cultures. Now at age 29 she has taken her experiences of the last 14 years and presents to you the easiest, most natural and budget- friendly tips in her new column, The Beauty Exposed.
In this column she will learn you more about the technical sides of beauty, in a way everyone can understand. But that´s not all, in addition you will discover great tips and alternatives you can use and apply in your beauty routine, making it accessiblefor everyone. Nothing will be left unspoken, she will research everything you need to know.

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