We WOW: Joaquim Carvalho – make up and hair stylist

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It’s with great pleasure that WOW presents Joaquim Carvalho, a make up and dress stylist that comes to enrich our issue #1 Berlin.

The aka “Joca Carvalho” studied make up and hair styling with a deep and intense look. He was not oriented by teachers in the classroom, but with prestigious professionals from São Paulo, that presented him a whole new point of view and made him realise that a good make up and nice hair can turn any ordinary girl into a luxury Cinderela.

An unspeakable talent, Joaquim Carvalho worked for many years at Casa Mauro Freire- jardins, in São Paulo, where he learned some special techniques for make up and hair that one would not easily find. Also made a course at ECA- USP, and worked afterwards in short films and movies, like “Os sapatos de Aristeu”, “Cores e botas“, “Filmefobia”. Also on TV, in Brazilian and Spanish productions as the Art Director

Always ready to help with his girlfriend’s make up, he can produce a beautiful bride or even create some scenography full of fake  brain tissue. Invited by WOW,  Joaquim came straight from Barcelona to bring glamour to the hairs and make up of some of our  editorials, for WOW #1 What’s  Berlin?

Check out his portfolio and Facebook  too.

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Vivi Gnutzmann

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