WOW ART – A new concept to present art “Musterzimmer”

 MUSTERZIMMER is an art gallery with a new concept to introduce exhibitions of emerging artists, it is , located in Berlin’s Schöneberg district quite well know in Berlin since the 20´s like a really trend area, the space open doors to many people interested in art and promove an “upgrade” in the career of new and well know artists in the fields of painting, media, photography, sculptur, performances design and others, acting like as a “supporting artist entrepreneur.”

The translation of the name itself says, “gallery style”, the space is a meeting point for artists looking for a new way to promote their art. WOW Magazine interviewed  the founders  Eemil Karila, Lola Lustosa & Mika Minetti, who are the soul of this very interesting project.


Photo mustergroup_BW musterzimmer wow revista magazine arte

mustergroup_BW musterzimmer wow revista magazine arte

Photo Intimate Immencity_denes_farkas wow revista magazine art

Intimate Immencity_denes_farkas wow revista magazine art

Photo overview_from_the _current_exhibition wow art magazine revista

overview_from_the _current_exhibition wow art magazine revista

Photo marco wow revista magazine art

marco wow revista magazine art

Photo kalkamo_bread_installation wowo revista magazine musterzimmer art

kalkamo_bread_installation wowo revista magazine musterzimmer art

Photo musterzimmer_first_exhibition wow magazine

musterzimmer_first_exhibition wow magazine

Photo Intimate Immencity 2 WOW magazine Musterzimmer

Intimate Immencity 2 WOW magazine Musterzimmer

WOW: Who are the soul of Musterzimmer Art Concept Project?  

MUSTERZIMMER: MUSTERZIMMER was established in April 2012 by its co-founders Eemil Karila, Lola Lustosa and Mika Minetti. It started as a continuation for a social project called Alte Schonhauser Straße 26, created during 2011, by Eemil Karila. He started to document the collective activity at his studio and home through paintings, 8mm film and Polaroid photographs. After moving to a new address, the ground floor home and studio space allowed to involve more artistic contributions from other artists and turn the space into a semi-public stage.

MUSTERZIMMER is not a typical gallery, with white walls and minimal interiors. It is more like a cozy living room and meeting point, where we want to host profound discussions, present artworks, produce dance pieces and videos as well as organize interventions.

W: What  is the main concept of Musterzimmer? 

MZ: MUSTERZIMMER is a showroom for contemporary art based in Berlin, Germany.Our showroom presents ongoing group exhibitions by established and emerging international artists working in the fields of painting, drawing, photography, video, media art, sculpture and performance. MUSTERZIMMER invites selected artists to exhibit their work at our gallery space in Crellestrasse 44, Berlin-Schöneberg.

Our mission is to promote interesting new art, and to inform our clients, networks and organizational partners about the artists, their work and career. We do this by means of artist encounters, and through various art events, publications, projects and interventions that take place in the showroom.

For private collectors and both corporate and institutional collections MUSTERZIMMER offers personalized services and advice. To visit MUSTERZIMMER please contact us in advance, see phone numbers and e-mail addresses at

W: What is the differential in the end of the day using this unusual way of showing art & artists?  

We wanted to create a living room for art, where quests are received with full attention and given individual information on topics relevant to on-going exhibitions and projects. Also, we wanted to introduce artists personally to our guests. You could even call our showroom “a praxis of art” where curators, art historians, collectors and everyone interested can form personal contacts with us and with our artists. We do not represent artists as commercial galleries do, but we do support the artists that we collaborate with in all possible ways. Our uniqueness lays in the fact that we have a large network of talented people, and things are growing by themselves. And we are growing along.

W: What is the main calendar for 2013?  

During the spring we will have Salon Material. Salon Material is an initiative by artists Johanna Gustafsson Fürst and Liv Strand, and comes out of the desire to create another type of dialogue by re-building some bridges and throw more mental ropes across the gap between words – spoken or written – AND space, things, material and bodies.

In April 2013 we will present a solo show by Ben Cauchi, a New Zealand born artist, who is currently doing his artist residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin. At the opening he will launch his brand new publication: The evening hours, which is coming from New Zealand just for the opening.

Also, we will feature Janne Räisänen’s solo exhibition in May 2013. Räisänen is a Berlin-based Finnish expressionist, who has previously exhibited in Berlin at Salon Dahlmann and Galerie Suvi Lehtinen – and in a group exhibition compiled by the New York Curator Max Henry. He has studied at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and the Städelschule in Frankfurt. In 1999, he was given the distinction of Young Artist of the Year.

The following solo show in June 2013 will be by Berlin-based Finnish artist Ulrika Ferm. Her exhibition will present a longer period of research based on art processes along a site-specific installation.

More info about Musterzimmer and about up-coming shows and projects on our website.

W: Which artists are now in the gallery who are the coming next?  

We have opened an exhibition on 22.2. Exhibition is loosely thematized and will have Berlin based artists, showing first time in Musterzimmer. Artists participating in the exhibition are: Niina Lehtonen-Braun , Elisabeth Mladenov, Christine Cheung, Marco Scola, Mia Saharla, Mirja Ylänne, and Elena Panouli.


Credits Pictures

Intimate Immencity denes farkas:

The vastness of their dreams paralyzed them, Denes Farkas 2012, from the exhibition Intimate Immencity

kalkamo bread installation:

“In the Field of Culture”

Installation by Matti Kalkamo, Musterzimmer 2012

 marco scola:

Marco Scola, The Chair, 2012, from the exhibition Aus der Hölle in den Himmel.

musterzimmer first exhibition:

View from the first exhibition of Musterzimmer, 2012

musterzimmer group BW:

Co-Founders of Musterzimmer: Mika Minetti, Lola Lustosa and Eemil Karila

outside view:

Street view of Musterzimmer

 overview from the  current exhibition:

 View of the current exhibition: Aus der Hölle in den Himmel, 2012

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