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Open Call: Unclean Project
WOW Berlin Mag Art SomoS

SomoS Art House dedicates its June 2014 program to the theme of “uncleanliness”. As part of this, from June 6 – 29, 2014, the Unclean exhibition will take place. Visual artists, performers, lecturers and others are invited to make proposals.
In ancient cultures certain animals, rituals, moral attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, sicknesses or even blood were all considered unclean. Still today, collective preconceived opinions or feelings, either favorable or unfavorable, have a great impact on society and the individual.
SomoS is looking to give space for artworks and performances dealing with the issues of self-identification and/or social exclusion based on common taboos and prejudices such as body image, sexual orientation, beliefs or disabilities.
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Pictoplasma Exhibition:
From Cuteness to Knowingness

WOW Berlin Mag Art SomoS

group exhibition during Pictoplasma Festival feat.
Hiroki Otsuka, Kinya Hanada, Hoji Tsuchiya, Kurihara Takuya, Shou

30.04.2014 – 17.05.2014

During the Pictoplasma Festival, SomoS present drawings, painting, collage, video and performance by a selection of Japanese artists. A liberated application of graphic techniques, and a fresh interpretation of themes like heritage, pop cultural characters and self-presentation characterize the artists’ work.
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Liis Koger – Paintings

WOW Berlin Magazine Art SomoS

Opening April 21st, 2014 at 3pm.
22.04.2014 – 28.04.2014, daily from 2-6pm

The first solo exhibition in Berlin by Estonian painter and poet Liis Koger, organized and curated by Simson Gallery.
Painting and poetry are connected in many ways. If one looks at poets/artists like Jean Cocteau, Max Jacob, William Blake or Pablo Picasso, it becomes clear that being a poet adds an extra dimension to other artistic expressions the poet might choose. Liis Kogers’s paintings are distinguished by a high level of lyricism and introspection; the classic abstract Nordic painterly tradition of artists such as Per Kirkeby is given a contemporary and mature interpretation.
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Electric Renaissance II

WOW Berlin Mag Art

Stefano Castronovo & Donato Del Giudice

exhibition, until 18.04.2014, Tue-Sa, 2-6pm

Offering “the combination of a genuine expression of NYC Pop sensibilities with masterly classical techniques,” the installation includes photography, painting, silkscreen situated between Classicism and Pop-art. The exhibition project is a collaboration by 80’s Downtown NYC legend Stefano and SomoS’ artist in residence Donato Del Giudice.
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WOW Berlin Magazine Art

SomoS published a fanzine at the occasion of Electric Renaissance II, it features artists pages by the artists Stefano Castronovo & Donato Del Giudice; an interview with the artists by Joanna Fatorelli, editorial assessor at Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, Brazi, and an exclusive essay by Ryan Dohoney, Assistant Professor of Musicology at Northwestern University, USA, on composer-performer Julius Eastman’s creative collaborations in New York City’s music scene in the 1970s and 1980s.
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Celso Da Costa Hamelink

Celso Da Costa Hamelink, in love with the world of photography and art concept. He worked for different worldwide brands and international publishing groups. Obsessed with aesthetics, his world basically loops around images, colors, silhouettes, architecture and design. His favorite hobby is definitely travelling because it helps him to pick up the different essences of a variety of cultures which immediately inspires him to play the Art Director.

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