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Hasso Von Hugo & WOW Berlin Mag become friends and exchange partnership between the Magazine and the School, after these 7 months collaboration with the make up artist students the magazine is more than happy and astonished  with the results we had achieved with Hasso Von Hugo make up artist students.


WOW develop together with the student their high fashion editorial and beauty projects what is publish in WOW Berlin Mag  – the magazine  bring  an experienced team of fashion professionals to work together with students creating a real scenario what is wating for them on the job market.

The doors of the Hasso von Hugo Make-up Artist School opened on October 1st, 1990. Back then 22 pupils were welcomed as the first school class. Nevertheless, in the same year the school became officially recognised by the senate and was granted the German Federal Education and Training Assistance status, allowing German students to apply for state student loans. 24 years later, The Hasso von Hugo Make-up Artist School has become an established and respected enterprise and has already produced more than 600 qualified make-up artists.

In 2002 the make-up artist profession became officially recognized in Germany and the Hasso von Hugo Make-Up School extended the education period to three years.

Qualification: Make-up Artist
Period: 3 years
Place: At the Hasso von Hugo Make-Up Artist School, Berlin, Germany.
Field of Study: Make-up Artists develop independently according to the curriculum specifications.
They develop skills e.g. for theatre, film-, TV- and photo-productions as well as shows.
Make-up artists have technical skills and are predominantly artistically involved.
Professional Qualification Make-up Artists
° develop design concepts for the creation of masks
° plan, calculate and organize their work
° design and create the components necessary for make-up artists, particularly wigs, hair-pieces,
beards and moustaches, artificial components and masks
° create masks using hair, make-up, bald-heads and artificial materials
° create characters, historical and contemporary personalities as well as animals creations
° design and perform special effects such as skin changes, action injuries, deformations and
° prepare sketches and technical drawings.

The make-up artist profession in Germany is an occupation that since August 1st, 2002, requires recognition by the German state. This means that since 2002 the curriculum requires a three-year period. The final examination is set by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Course Begin: The courses begin September 1st of the respective year.

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Besides intensive individual judgement by dialogue and debate, pre-grades are awarded during the complete period of training in almost all subjects. This is done so the students to be able to asses there own performance. The make-up artist school holds an intermediate examination half way through, and a final examination at the end of the three -year period. In conjunction with this an examination can be taken with the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The GCCI examination fees must be paid separately.

The Hasso von Hugo Make-Up Artist School covers approx. 10.100 sq ft.. The lessons take place in one of the four training rooms which are alongside the three plaster-casting rooms and a multi-media room . Every pupil receives a lockable cupboard of their own for their personal things as well as their own workplace. On each floor there are also coffee machines, refrigerators an microwave ovens. In addition, there is also a student canteen with couches for the students to stretch-out and relax in the breaks while at the bistro tables and at the bar the students can talk shop with each other. A bulletin board advertises to the students any job offers and many other student related issues. And fort he full relaxing time the students can go up to the big rooftop lounge.

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The internationally recognized German make-up artist Hasso von Hugo has developed a special education concept from his more than forty-years of professional work. This concept converges and combines the creative and skilled crafts of the profession and connects them with today’s requirements for the international film business. The lesson’s contents and course are based on his
long-standing theatre, TV and film experience.

Hasso von Hugo was a federal expert when the make-up artist curriculum as a profession was drawnup. Hasso von Hugo was the first German make-up artist to win the Bundesfilmpreis (Federal Film Award) of 1986. In England in 1987, Hasso von Hugo was voted the best make-up artist for the film “The Name of the Rose” and received the British Academy of Film and Television Award (BAFTA).

2009 Die Päpstin (key makeup artist) with Johanna Wokalek, David Wenham, John Goodman Director: Sönke
2004 Beyond the Sea – Musik war sein Leben (crowd hair supervisor, crowd makeup supervisor) with Kevin Spacey,
John Goodman Director: Kevin Spacey
2004 In 80 Tagen um die Welt (hair consultant: Germany, makeup artist: Germany) with Jackie Chan Director:
Frank Coraci
2003 Luther (makeup supervisor) with Joseph Finnes, Sir Peter Ustinov Director: Erik Till
2002 Equilibrium (key hair stylist, key makeup artist) with Christian Bale, Emily Watson Angues Mc Fadyn Director:
Kurt Wimmer
2002 Resident Evil (key makeup artist) with Milla Jovovic Director: Paul Anderson
2002 Detective Lovelorn und die Rache des Pharao (makeup supervisor) with Misel Maticevic, Eva Haßmann,
reiner Schöne Director: Thomas Frick
2002 The Antman (makeup supervisor) with Götz Otto, Yasmina Filali, Lars Rudolph Director: Christoph Gampl
2001 Duell – Enemy at the Gates (key hair stylist, key makeup artist) with Jude Law, Joseph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz,
Ed Harris Director: J. J. Annaud
2000 Falling Rocks (special makeup effects artist) Claudia Michelsen, Koen De Bouw, Christoph Waltz Director:
Peter Keglevic
1999 Nichts als die Wahrheit (makeup artist, special makeup effects artist) with Kai Wiesinger, Götz George,
Karoline Eichhorn Director: Roland Suso Richter
1994 Die unendliche Geschichte III – Rettung aus Phantasien (special effects makeup artist – as Hasso Von Hugo)
with Jason James Richter, Melody Kay, Jack Black Director: Peter Mc Donald
1994 Mesmer (special makeup effects artist) with Donal Donnelly, David Burke, Peter Dvorsky Director: Roger
1993 In weiter Ferne, so nah! (makeup artist) with Peter Falk, Willem Dafoe, Otto Sander Director: Wim Wenders
1993 …und der Himmel steht still (special effects makeup artist) with Anthony Hopkins, Isabella Rossellini Director:
John Schlesinger
1991 Company Business (head makeup artist: Berlin) with Gene Hackman, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Kurtwood Smith
Director: Nicholas Meyer
1990 High Score (makeup department head) with Jane Alexander, Alexis Anne Carleyle Director: G. Ermek
1990 Dr. “M” (special makeup effects artist) with Alan Bates, Jennifer Beals, Jan Niklas Director: Claude Chabrol
1989 Das Spinnennetz (special makeup effects artist) with K.M. Brandauer, Ulrich Mühe, Armin Mueller-Stahl
Director: B. Wicki
1988 Killing Blue (makeup artist) with Morgan Fairchild, Michael York Director: Peter Patzak
1987 Maschenka (makeup department head) with Gary Elwes Director: J.Goldschmidt
1986 Der Name der Rose (supervising makeup artist) with Sean Connery, F. Murray Abraham, William Hickey
Director: J.J. Annaud
1985 Das Feuerschiff (makeup artist) with Robert Duvall, K.M. Brandauer, Tim Phillips Director: Jerzy Skolimowski
1985 Wildgänse II (hairdresser, makeup artist) with Sir Lawrence Olivier, Barbara Carrera, Scofl Glenn, E. Fox
Director: Peter Hunt
1984 Versteckt (makeup department head) with Jacqueline Bisset, Jürgen Prochnow Director: Anthony Page
1980 Die Formel (makeup artist: Europe) with Marlon Brando, Sir John Gielgud, Marthe Keller Director: John G.
1980 Der Ringer (makeup department head) with Jeff Bridges, Ned Beatty, Bianca Jagger Director: William Richert
1979 Blutspur (makeup supervisor, supervising hair stylist) with Audrey Hepburn, Ben Gazzara, James Manson,
Omar Sharif, Irena Papas Director: Terence Young
2012 Die Rache der Wanderhure (TV movie) (makeup artist) with Alexandra Neldel, Bert Tischendorf, Esther
Schweins Director: Hansjörg Thurn
2011 Beate Uhse – Das Recht auf Liebe (TV movie) (chief makeup artist) with Franka Potente, Ray Fearon, Hans
Werner Meyer Director: Hansjörg Thurn
2011 Isenhart – Die Jagd nach dem Seelenfänger (TV movie) (makeup department head) with Bert Tischendorf,
Michael Steinocher, Emilia Schüle Director: Hansjörg Thurn
2010 Die Wanderhure (TV movie) (makeup artist) with Alexandra Neldel, Attila Árpa, Alexander Beyer Director:
Hansjörg Thurn
2007 Die Schatzinsel (TV series) (key makeup artist) with Francois Goeske, Diane Willems, Tobias Moretti Director:
Hansjörg Thurn
2004 Der verzauberte Otter (TV movie) (makeup artist) with Jonathan Dümcke, Anne-Luise Tietz, Soraya Richter
Director: Sven Severin
2003 Zwei Tage Hoffnung (TV movie) (makeup department head) with Sebastian Koch, Hans Werner Meyer, Lisa
Martinek Director: Peter Keglevic
2002 Edgar Wallace – Die unheimlichen Briefe (TV movie) (makeup artist) with Gunter Berger, Mariella Ahrens,
Udo Schenk Director: Wolfgang F. Henschel
1999 Der Mörder meiner Mutter (TV movie) (chief makeup) with Laura Tonke, Sebastian Koch, Leonard Lansink
Director: Lars Kraume
1998 Winnetous Rückkehr (TV movie) (makeup artist) with Pierre Brice, Candice Daly, Pierre Semmler Director:
Marijan David Vajda
1997 Rokoko (hair stylist) with Frank Behnke, Coraly von le Fort, Karl Heil Director: Ulrike Pfeiffer
1996 Du bist nicht allein – Die Roy Black Story (TV movie) (makeup artist) with Christoph Walz, Mariella Ahrens,
Wolfgang Bathke Director: Peter Keglevic
1996 Star Command – Gefecht im Weltall (TV movie) (makeup artist) with Morgan Fairchild Director: Jim Johnson
1995 Der Trinker (TV movie) (makeup artist) Harald Juhnke, Jutta Wachowiak, Deborah Kaufmann Director: Tom
1995 Wozu denn Eltern? (TV movie) (makeup artist) with Michaela May, Bernd Stephan, Margrit Sartorius Director:
Rüdiger Nüchtern
1992 Nie wieder schlafen (makeup artist) with Lisa Kreuzer, Gabi Herz, Christiane Carstens Director: Pia
1989 Geld macht nicht glücklich (TV movie) (makeup artist) with Carl-Heinz Schroth, Klausjürgen Wussow, Hans
Clarin Director: Franz Josef Gottlieb
1988 Europa und der zweite Apfel (TV movie) (makeup artist) with Hans-Michael Rehberg, Ingo Hülsmann,
Elisabeth Trissenaar Director: Hans Neuenfels
1984 Er-Götz-liches (TV movie) (makeup artist) with Gerd Baltus, Herbert Bötticher, Gerhard Friedrich Director:
Hans-Jürgen Tögel
1984 Heiraten ist immer ein Risiko (TV movie) (makeup artist) with Carl-Heinz Schroth, Edda Seippel, Elisabeth
Wiedemann Director: Hans.Jürgen Tögel
1982 Die Spaziergängerin von Sans-Souci (makeup artist) with Romy Schneider, Michel Piccoli Director: Jacques
1979 Kümmert euch nicht um Sokrates (TV movie) (makeup artist) with Will Quadflieg, Christian Quadflieg,
Friedrich W. Bauschulte Director: Frank Guthke
1978 Feuerwasser (TV movie) (makeup artist) with Hans Helmut Dickow, Helmut Qualtinger, Thomas Holtzmann
Director Wolfgang Staudte

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