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by Solane Chloé

As I stand there with the sunlight in my face, a soft breeze caressing my body and the sweet smell of fresh lychees in my nose, I am in paradise.Oh no wait, it’s just the strong bathroom light, I left the door open so it’s kind of drafty and I’m covered in mud. But the smell of lychees is spot on. Makes me drift away into sandy beaches and fresh cocktails, lying with my beautiful soft and hairless skin on a beach somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea.

Did I got your attention? Good. Because I want to introduce to you all, my dear readers, one of my new favorite products. It’s not just a mud, no it’s a mud made all of natural products that peels your skin gently , hydrates the skin but the most important aspect is….. it removes hair. Yes these beauty products are the next generation in terms of getting a soft and hairless skin. All that in just minutes.

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The developers and creators of these product are actually a group of laboratory partners and as well as friends . Working as Naturopaths for the last 20 years they always were handling natural and raw materials. One of the most miraculous products they have ever worked with is the Mud from the Dead Sea, because this mud is filled with rare minerals and you can use it for numerous applications. They owes a big part of their career by working with this fantastic precious mud, by making so much products with it.

As the passion for this mud became bigger and bigger they wanted to branch out, see what other products they could make with it. They discovered there where many more products all evolving around this precious mud and found masks, peelings, revitalizing shampoos and hair removal products. Immediately they were drawn to the last products, because they could remember that most hair removing products either smell bad or just are disappointing in results. Some people are persistent and will support the bad smells, just in order to get the hairs removed. Because let’s face it, no self-respecting woman wants to have hair in unwanted places, ever. That drove them back to the laboratory and started creating and developing again. They took in plant extracts, minerals, active and nature materials, only to discover that the answer they were looking for could be closer than they taught. They started developing, testing, asking opinions of professors and in 3 years they were able to produce an effective, beautifully smelling hair removing product that works and has multiple benefits as well, all with the base of Natural Minerals of the Dead Sea. Thank you, for giving us this beautiful product, now every woman AND man can remove hair in a pleasant way, thinking of sandy beaches for a moment before taking it off and enjoy a skin so soft as a babies bottom.

But before you start using it, let me walk you through the products and how to use them. First thing to know, there are three products: Body and Legs, Bikini and Face. The Bikini plus the Body and Legs products are also suitable for men to use and can found in the men’s section with a well-fitting slip cover designed for the guys. Easy solution and very effective. Why not the Face? Simple answer, men have facial hair that is rigid and strong, the product simply will not work on heavy beards. For women though, it is the absolute solution.

Body and Legs is designed as it says, it can take out hair from your backside, chest, stomach, arms and legs. It’s the strongest in the range because these zones are usually more hard to remove the hairs from. You need to understand that it’s solely meant for these areas and not in the Bikini and the Face, for that they developed the special formula’s. Bikini can be used for your bikini area and is suitable for your armpits, yes armpits. Because this part of the body is just as sensitive as the bikini area. Face is the softest treatment because your face is of course delicate. It works effectively in minutes and leaves your skin as soft as satin.


Now let’s get to work.

First thing to do is always test, every time you are planning to do a treatment. Why? Because the skin and it’s PH value can differ from day to day. Once tested and all is good you can start the treatment. Apply a royal layer on each body part, since this is a luxurious product you should apply it in a lux way, this way the product can work at its best and you have a total spa treatment-feeling in the comfort of your own bathroom. Make sure your skin is clean and dry before application. There is a special applicator in the box, but the best way is just applying by hand(wash hands when finished!). Timing is the next step, it’s very important that you leave the product as long as is indicated on the packaging, meaning; -Body and legs:
-darker hair 5 minutes and lighter hair 6 minutes
-Bikini: darker hair 5 minutes and lighter hair 6 minutes
-Face: dark or light hair 4 minutes.

Don’t exceed the time, the products are very active. Time it on the minute. After take a wet wipe and gently take off the products, the hair should come out easily. Don’t rub or scrape it off, the product is not just for hair removal, it’s a mild peeling as well. So when you start to rub you can irritate the skin. Like a scrub, you don’t exfoliate twice. There you go, silky smooth and hairless skin! This mud also contains Aloe Vera, Copper, Zinc, Camomille, Natrium and Calcium, all ingredients beneficious for the skin.

One last thing, the longer you use this product, the less fast your hairs come back. So in addition of short term result, it works on the long run as well. I have been using the products for the last 3 weeks and it’s a life changer. It feels luxurious, actually smells like eternal summer ( lychee fruits, Yum) and it saves me time, not only for removing hair, but exfoliating kind of becomes unnecessary.
For more info go to and you can also order online.
Enjoy and see you next time.


Solane Chloé

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