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The italian high fashion trend jewelry brand DODO  has launched its new online shopping, the new look brings us inside the full concept of DODO’s, the new design has given a very intelligent and nice way to navigate through all the amazing dodo jewels.

What really caught my attention about DODO e-commerce is that the brand has become so welcomed in many 50164187fv_12_fdifferent markets I have friends buying it from all over, and just found out with the new website delivers to 25 countries so you can receive your jewel anywhere and anytime ☺. The delivery is super fast, too.

DODO new website shows the unique relationship between brand and clients. Everyday more and more I can see on the street and on social media DODO jewels and mentions. This proves that DODO has the perfect style #dodostyle to become the brand of Millennials and not only.


The online shopping experience with the new website takes you into a journey where you are transported inside the DODO jewelry world with an unique perspective that a jewelry brand can have. The new website was build to make our lives and our shopping experience much easier, so now we can have it all in our i-pad or i-phone. Click here to follow DODO social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Everything now is on your hand, the website is mobile and tablet responsive . We’ve tried and simply loved it. DODO new website is a unique journey into the enchanting world of jewelry.

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