WOW Berlin Mag – Last Light by Linda Leitner

Fashion, News, Special

1-wow-berlin-mag-fashion-editorial-trend-street-wear-fall-winter 2-wow-berlin-mag-fashion-editorial-trend-street-wear-fall-winter 3-wow-berlin-mag-fashion-editorial-trend-street-wear-fall-winter 4-wow-berlin-mag-fashion-editorial-trend-street-wear-fall-winter 5-wow-berlin-mag-fashion-editorial-trend-street-wear-fall-winter

photography. Linda Leitner

styling. Maria Schneider

h&m. Susanna Helen 

model. Jules @ PARS Management

Celso Da Costa Hamelink

Celso Da Costa Hamelink, in love with the world of photography and art concept. He worked for different worldwide brands and international publishing groups. Obsessed with aesthetics, his world basically loops around images, colors, silhouettes, architecture and design. His favorite hobby is definitely travelling because it helps him to pick up the different essences of a variety of cultures which immediately inspires him to play the Art Director.

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