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Exclusive interview: Isabel Marant on her H&M collaboration

Isabel Marant’s collection with H&M is one of the big fashion events of the year. Here the designer herself talks through the collection.

Isabel on the H&M collection: “I design for everybody. Women of any age, young girls with their mothers, young grannies, and now for the first time with H&M, my male friends who have always begged me to do menswear. Usually I know by instinct what will sell well. I cannot say how but it always happens. I have the exact same feeling with this H&M collection.”

Isabel on the launch in store: “After six months of working hard on this collection, it’s thrilling that the actual clothes are finally reaching the shops. It will happen simultaneously worldwide: this makes me even more excited. The collection is made up of real clothes with an attitude, and I put a lot of effort in it: they are something that I hope the H&M audience will respond to.”

Isabel on designing the collection: “There’s been such enthusiasm that’s surrounded the whole project, and the sheer passion for fashion that we share with the H&M team. It’s been a thrill to get out of my comfort zone and try something new – in this case, producing a compact collection on a large scale for a huge audience at a democratic price. As a designer who likes challenges but wants to dress real people in their daily lives ,I could not ask for anything better.”


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