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Interview by Celso Da Costa Hamelink feat by Luciana Hirt

Arnaldo Saccomani is the most famous producer in the Brazilian music scene and his career is full of number one tunes and hits of the most varied genres, he has worked with several iconic artists such as Tim Maia, Rita Lee and Os Mutantes, a producer who knows what the Brazilian public wants to hear.

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He has sold over 25 million CDS, written over 300 songs, he is among  people who most profits from copyrights in Brazil, besides having worked with several artists from different genres such as Pagode, Samba, Funk, Pop and disco music. Saccomani has launched singers as Fabio Jr. and Roni Von. His most recent accomplishment is to be one of the most polemic and successful judges of Astro’s show from the television channel SBT and producer of one of the most sold CDs in 2012, the remake, a genuine Brazilian version of the 90’s Mexican soap opera Carrossel.

What follows is an exclusive interview with this huge music icon who will talk, in the especial edition of WOW Brazil, about Brazilian music, his personal preferences and his life as a producer.

WOW – Whenever we mention your name we think about the extraordinary amount of CDs you have sold and the several songs you have written with different artists from various genres, is it possible to choose among those a particular project which you are most proud of? The one you most enjoyed having done? Or perhaps the one you consider to be a master piece?

Arnaldo Saccomani – I think I am still going to produce a master piece…But Carrossel is amazing, my work with Os Travessos was outstanding. But, definitely Tim Maia. Primavera is a master piece for sure.

W – What do you think to be the difference in the Brazilian music market considering it in it’s beginnings and nowadays, is there an evolution? Has the music market got any better with the use of the internet? And do you think the internet helps or harms the life of a music producer?

AS– Nowadays the music market is not very organized as it used to be, everything is allowed due to piracy. The record companies don’t believe on the power of the internet so they don’t know what to do… but as for a music producer everything is ok! If he’s competent enough, the artists are out there, is just a matter of choosing and knowing what is true or not.

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W – What is your favorite kind of music? What do you listen to when you want to relax? Which singer impresses you by his artistic perfection?

AS – I enjoy listening to American black music of the 70’s and 80’s. My favorite artist and my maximum idol is Marvin Gaye.

W – How can one be a successful music producer in such a continental country, with a population of, approximately, 200 million of people who have varied cultural backgrounds? Would you be able to make a comparison of how different music genres are interpreted in diverse Brazilian regions, or do you think they are all interpreted equally, regardless the region?

AS – Radio stations rule everything, they play almost the same song and that’s why we have those unified hits. This strategy was invented by the Majors of the music market.

W – What is the Brazilian music nowadays? How would you explain to a foreign where the Brazilian music comes from and what it is nowadays?

AS – I’ll answer you with a single sentence: music is obligatory, the reflect of society and not the other way around.

WOW – You are one of the Brazilian producers who are helping on the diversification of funk, bringing it to various social classes. How would you explain the history and rise of the worldwide known ‘‘funk favela“?

AS – The previous answer suites to this question as well, nowadays the suburbs exports culture to the upper class, as so does funk.

W – Brazilians are known for their dance and music in addition to the melodic sound of Portuguese  how would you define brazilian’s music preferences?

AS – Brazilian’s music preferences are like religion… they’re plural… that is, we enjoy everything without labeling it. And that’s great, isn’t it?

W – Since you have started working in the 80’s for Radio Antena 1 and has a huge experience in other radio stations like Band and Jovem Pan, and are now a successful judge of Astros SBT, which is your favorite sort of media? Radio or television? And which of them do you believe to be the most powerful in Brazil?

AS – I loooooove radio, but the power of television is incomparable… But I think they both add value to each other.


W – What is the music trend for 2013? Do you feel like the international music market is more open to the Brazilian one, since nowadays Brazil has become a relevant economic symbol?

AS– In 2013 children’s products will rule the whole thing and the Sertanejos will firm themselves in the market because of their great power of investment.

W – How do you see the Brazilian music scene taking into account the World Cup (2014) and the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (2016)? What do you think it will happen in the music scene during this period?

AS – I think only two big names of music will succeed… apart from that, nothing will change.

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