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By Giovanna Sapienza

In Sao Paulo opened the first Gay Hotel of Brazil and the first of Latin America!

In Brazil, according to surveys, homosexuals now reach 10% of the population. This percentage covers about 18 million people in Brazil, including 9.4 million economically active. Starting from a small group couple fo year a go today homosexuals in Brazil move a powerful industry in different areas and levels, representing a demanding target with an exquisite and sophisticated choices. Given the growth of the market Douglas Drumond found a really missing spot in the Gay World Hotels in Brazil, on this way Douglas launched the first gay hotel in Latin America. It is in São Paulo, a city that breathes avantgard & diversity with this mix cultures what you find in Sao Paulo, 269 Chilli Pepper it is the first Gay Single Hotel.
Sauna secaFar from a standard accommodation, the hotel is a venture, exclusively designed for the male audience. It is a mix of hotel and leisure, Chilli Pepper beats his record every week since it was open, showing how the idea of targeted business can succeed. The founder, Douglas Drummond has been operating for some years in the hotel industry, and manage in parallel one of the largest hotel groups in Minas Gerais, Ouro Minas Group.
From his travels and experiences abroad, the entrepreneur has designed every detail of Chilli Peppers hotel, investing about $ 3 million in the venture. With 2,300 m², the hotel owned 4-floors, 124 single rooms and 5 design suites. Leisure & Pleasure areas includes a sauna, 3 pools, showers with filtered water, a mini bar and cabaret cinema, all temperature controlled by high tech air conditioning system. Luxury, comfort and excellent service are fundamental characteristics of the first hotel of singles, which always seeks to offer a unique service to each of their guests.

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