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Fantasy: between tradition and desire for change
Common sense is a kind of knowledge, just remember the advice of the grandmother about eating an orange after eating beans, to help on the digestion.  Science, philosophy and myths are also forms of knowledge. Years ago, scientists have shown that vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron. Common knowledge, ideas that haunt the popular imagination, when applied to fashion, can bring a lot of confusion, some understandable, others not so much. By Lena Muniz


The first idea that may come to people’s  mind is that Fashion is Trend.
Fashion is when creates adhesion  and reaches in all the level. In another side there is the trend what’s still generating curiosity and excitment or making hearts beat fast in front of the window. After the differences between Fashion & Trend get clear. And we still have the basic divisions: between people and how they are, today only 10% could be considered cutting edge , 55% are fashionistas (or fashion victims) and what remains is traditional, does not like to risk and prefer the classic and basic. 

And more, fashion is not just clothes. ‘s Behavior. This means that when you have an opinion on other matters, this can also  dock your opinion base on what you are dressin making you get under one of those follow groups: fashion victim, cutting edge or traditional. But what about the clothes? 

This is a postmodern matter . Today we have what Stuart Hall calls the fragmented identities. If in the 90’s  we had the phenomenon of supermarket style, now the way you live it is called Lifestyle a whole package what includes  social and political positions. Likewise a girl can go dressed monday like the 50’s and on Tuesday  more comfortable with boots, so it is the same in the field of ideas. Likewise she is in favor of the decriminalization of abortion instead she’s in favor of the death penalty for minors.


And the clothes? Follows? What we feel is the unwillingness to take stands alone. We have a giant number of people who expose others in social networks for being “poorly dressed”. Point the finger in the street, laughing. This lack of education demonstrates that turned fashion in anti-fashion . To be fashionable, it is necessary that the tradition has a weight less than the willingness to change. It is the tradition that lifts the finger-wagging and says so ever! Or the rights and wrongs of Gloria Kalil. They need someone to say it can, it does not. With the Internet, all are capable of judging. But is it? To judge must repertoire. I’ve seen a lot of people judging without understanding where it comes from a print stamp. That is, the evaluator is someone who has just tried, not rated.

If we have people who would not buy a boot without looking in a magazine to see if they may have others that do not care about the opinion of others. Fashion requires some degree of fantasy to exist. Even for fashionistas in Brazilis is difficult  , a quite sexist country . Once I witnessed a group of men exclaiming about the horrors of fashion. Until the nail paint red mentioned. And wear shoes with heel off. For these, perhaps the burqa is a better choice. People who grow curtailed may have to ask for permission on what to wear and also to think about and even more, may have the desire to curtail.

I support  fashion. But not as control but as social communication. I am in favor of bridges, not walls. When it loses strength mean the tradition moves forward. When set in the world of ideas, means square attitude, which is not always harmless. We had a boom with the fashion blogs in the past decade. There was a lot of change and advancement by allowing people to produce their content, generated much uniqueness. But the big brands have captured channels, paying for bloggers to post part of the collections of the great houses. One by one stayed with the same face. Same hair, same exchange, same skirt. Standardized. And worse, the attitude “I’m rich” descended not only in a visual discourse but also verbal elite. And elite is tradition. It is excluded. A pity. But we’re about to watch the new wave of fashion blogs and the speech will be rocking structures. Gender inclusive.


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