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  • Yves Saint Laurent’s biopic will be stared by Gaspar Ulliel

    One of the most important names in the fashion history will finally make it to the fashion biopic trend to homage his name and great contribution to the couture world. There isn't  much information about it yet, the film has no title, finalized screenplay or even a release date, and yet we are already anxious…

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  • Watch Louis Vuitton’s TV campaign: truly a delight

    Would you like to watch a Louis Vuitton commercial while watching TV on Sunday evening?  That's what happened this Sunday during the commercial time of Homeland.     The video shows the adventurous spirit of Louis Vuitton and allows you experience it for that one minute. The locations chosen for the video are really amazing, full of beautiful…

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  • MYKITA launches the autumn/winter 2012 collection

      The Berlin label MYKITA has launched their new sunglasses collection which counts with Moncler colaboration. The sunglasses are inspired on 50's alpine glacier goggles, which featured round lenses with metal rims and leather cladding for protection against the sun’s rays.   [slideshow gallery_id="9"]   MYKITA & Moncler bring life back to the alpen 50's…

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  • Movember time!

    For a lot of men November is a synonym of Movember!   Movember is an one-month event where men let their moustaches grow during November. It is also a charity event, run by Moustaches Foundation.     This event was created in 2003, in Australia, with the aim to create awareness towards the prostate cancer and other variety of…

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  • Michelle Obama: What is it about her?

    Would it be a cliche to talk about Michele Obama considering the recent reelection of her husband Barack Obama? I don't think so. Many of the US First Ladies have been an issue in fashion, some with compliments, others with polemic. The opinions tend to vary and some people, like Robin Givhan  just thinks that "a dress is a…

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  • Dancing the nordic music

    INSTRUCTIONS: To read the content clic play! It´s very common that we associate a Word to an image, this is something that can’t be separated. Because of it, when we think about the Nordics we always picture low temperatures, a lot of ice and the Viking. But actually, the Scandinavia, this region at the very…

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  • The best fun with LEGO

    Who never played with LEGO toys as a child? I remember being little and spend hours playing with LEGO DUPLO pieces with my siblings. It was one of my favorite games, creating my world from those rectangular or square pieces. Recently I've discovered that LEGO was created by a Danish, named Ole Kirk Christiansen, in 1930.…

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  • Discover the charming Copenhagen

    As the theme of this edition of WoW Magazine is the Nordic cultures, I propose you learn a little about the most popular countries, when we talk about Scandinavia. In this article, the Queen will be Denmark, having Copenhagen as Prince. Located on the Jutland peninsula, Denmark is composed of 400 Islands, but only 82…

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  • Have you ever heard about Hövding, the invisible helmets?

    Created in Sweden by two industrial designers, the Hövdings are "Helmets" that resemble a collar. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin – were tired of common helmets and decided to create a protection for riders that don´t spoil their hairstyle.     After seven years of research, this two designers created the Hövding, calling them "invisible…

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