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October 26, 2012

Have you ever heard about Hövding, the invisible helmets?


Created in Sweden by two industrial designers, the Hövdings are “Helmets” that resemble a collar.

Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin – were tired of common helmets and decided to create a protection for riders that don´t spoil their hairstyle.


Hövding helmet in black


After seven years of research, this two designers created the Hövding, calling them “invisible Helmets”. These helmets are a kind of collars that riders have to use in the neck area.

They are easy to carry when not in use and, as well as removable, are washable.


Hövding appearance


Produced in Portugal, these helmets are rechargeable via USB. With autonomy of 18 hours. It takes about six hours to charge.


USB changer

The collar is the visible part of the Hövding helmets that inside have an “airbag”. In case of clash the “airbag” is activated, protecting the neck and the head of the rider.


Hövding helmet in action


For now the Hövdings are available in Sweden and in the brand’s online store. The value of each copy is EUR 480.


If the customer wants to buy different collars to match with their looks, each collar cover cost 50 euros.


Asking yourself how  Hövding helmets works? Check this out!

We hope that in future these helmets have a great demand and they can trade with more affordable prices.


Have a good trip and don’t forget your helmet!


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