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feat Elisa Barboza

So you can choose the right party that assures a nightlife full of fun all over Brazil here there is some info about the most wanted, stylish and luxurious clubs for you get what you deserve. The selection has been made according to some criteria like good service, good decoration and taste, good music and a VIP audience, therefore these are the coolest places to go.

From now on you won’t be lost and confused while deciding where to go. Little by little I will reveal to you, WOW reader, my favorite places and you will see they will also become your favorite places! All these clubs will definitely allow you to have a great party, a nice conversation and, of course, an unforgettable night!

You will also be introduced to some of the best restaurants I know, so you can enjoy the beloved Brazilian food in between party time!

Have fun and enjoy the best of our trendy country!

Long life to the art of nightlife and its followers!

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