twenFM – from „pirate channel“ to cult institution


The capital of music is one of the first things that comes into your mind if you think of Berlin. The city has his own music channels and one of the oldest institutions of the city that sends out broadcasts frequently is the well-known tv and radio station twenFM. It all started in the 90ies as a pirate channel with a handful of dedicated people who wanted to promote the sounds of the city to a broader audience.



Now in 2012, they boast a wide range of programmes sent out live from the studios of Berlin’s cable tv station Alex Offener Kanal, which is located at the Deutsche Welle buildings. The format of a combination of tv  TV Alex+ radio 88,4 FM+ internet live streaming  and it is quite unique and reaches an audience of 3,5 mio. viewers per show all over the world.


Creed & Stone DJ set (Odd Socks Records, UK) on twenFM


twenFM boasts a team of professional radio show hosts, DJs and staff members who present their programme every Friday and Saturday night from midnight to 4 a.m. live through the three channels.

Now, in 2012, the traditional shows TV Clubnacht (Fridays) and TV Sonntagsclub (Saturday) were spiced up by other regular formats like streetbeats (hiphop), bass:mo:politain (drum & bass), Ecke Prenz, stylistberlin LIVE (interviews & live acts, house) and many more that are hosted by the core team of twenFM presenters. From time to time twenFM broadcasts on Thursday nights from live concerts and venues throughout Berlin, so it never gets boring!


Manuelle Musik live set (Miteinander Musik, CH)


Statler & Waldorf, Mey Brother, Irving Jr. (FREOND) at twenFM studios
Photography rights by Y. Cho


Dooks (crackirecords), Couleur (weplaysex) with guests Oblast and friends at twenFM studios
Photography rights by Y. Cho


J Shir Khan, head of the reknown EXPLOITED Records was one of the twenFM presenters before he became a regular presenter at the major radio channel Fritz Radio and Alland Byallo, head of the record label Bad Animal run his own radio show on Sundays on twenFM in the past as well.


Sven von Thülen (de:bug, SUOL)
Photography by J. Pastor



In addition to the long history and broadcasting format that distinguishes twenFM from the other internet broadcasts from Berlin, the open-mindedness of the founders enables artists the opportunity to present their own shows. This means anyone can apply to host a showcase on twenFM, as the official introductory text states:


TwenFM is a collective of music and cultural addicted peoples. we spotlight new talent in the electronic music and culture scene and give them the opportunity to broadcast themselves on huge audiences (Berlin Cabel TV, Reach 3,5 Mio), Flash Video Live Stream and FM Radio (88,4 FM Berlin). Our team of dedicated musicians and creatives does everything to ensure high quality production standards. TwenFM shows are now aired 7days/week in the Berlin Cable Network and in stream. We are experts in producing dedicated internet live show content.



DOOKS DJ set (crackirecords, FRA) on twenFM


This means along established artists like Tom Clark & Todd Bodine (Highgrade Records), Tanner Ross (Wolf+Lamb), Chopstick & Johnjon (SUOL), G.I. Disco (Best Works), Deepchild (Trapez), Rampa & David Mayer (keinemusik), Robosonic (OFF Recordings), and popular DJs from Berlin like our hosts Uta & Denise and Delfonic (OYE Records), Mareena Sonderbar –


Chopstick & Johnjon (SUOL) at twenFM studios
Photography by J. Pastor




G.I. Disco, Paul Randolph (Jazzanova)
Photography rights by Y. Cho


– twenFM guests include of course the up and coming artists of the music scene like Creed & Stone (Odd Socks Records), Tim Vita (Freude am Tanzen), Statler & Waldorf (FREOND), Manuelle Musik (Miteinandermusik), SYMBIZ SOUND. Artists from the labels dirtybird, Jack Off Records have said hello to the twenFM audience as well as producers Walker Barnard (Serialism), Raw D, Patryk Molinari (Exploited), the Sick Girls – and the list could go on and on and on…


SYMBIZ SOUND, Stylewalker at twenFM studios with presenter Yuna
Photography rights by Y. Cho


QZEN (Permanent Vacation) DJ set from twenFM



The best music programme you can enjoy in Berlin and the state Brandenburg on tv / radio and follow from all over the world in case you want to be up-to-date about the local music scene in Berlin is twenFM – so wherever you are, just tune in!

Live shows are broadcasted Fridays & Saturdays from midnight to 4 a.m. on Alex Offener Kanal, 88,4FM (Berlin & Brandenburg) and internet live streaming!


For more information, visit the following sites:


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Alex Offener Kanal:


Yuna preparing for the twenFM show
Photography by J. Pastor

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