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In ancient cultures certain animals, rituals, moral attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, sicknesses or even bodily fluids were all considered unclean. Still today, collective preconceived opinions or feelings, either favorable or unfavorable, have a great impact on society and the individual.

SomoS Art House dedicates its June 2014 program to the theme of “uncleanliness”. Unclean presents works by international visual artists, performers, film makers and lecturers that deal with issues of self-identification and/or social exclusion based on common taboos and prejudices. The exhibition concept is inspired by the work of David Wojnarowicz’s Fire in My Belly as excerpted for Rosa von Praunheim’s Silence = Death.

Themes range from reflections on bodily taboos; societal value systems; media representations of violence and sexuality; to feminist, queer and transgender positions that question gender roles and self-image.

Participating artists: Walter Bruno Brix (DE), Janos Brückner (HU), Roland Farkas (HU), Frédéric Fontenoy (FR), Che-Yu Hsu (TW), Adriana Lacko (HR), Javier Lozano (DE/ES), Tom Melsen (NL), Luke Munn (NZ), Ileana Pascalau (DE/RO), Elena Tejada-Herrera (PE), Lucie Williams (GB).

somos art wow berlin mag unclean

Justin Ross

Justin is a curator and writer. He has worked with artists interested in the intersections of technology and fine art in New York and Tokyo and now resides in Berlin. His interests include cryptography, retrofuturism, the digital divide, and emerging art in all mediums.

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