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I used to live with my grandparents, and my grandpa died when I was 14 years old. Even so, I had time enough to heritage three of his passions: football, reading and old films. 


I discovered what I wanted to be when I grow up when I was sitting next to him, I was 7 years old then. We were watching Singing in the rain and it just took my breath away, when I saw Cyd Charisse on screen with that green outfit, that black hair and that sensual dance. I’ve watched the scene repeatedly for two hours long. And from that day on old films became part of my life forever.

Ava Gardner hat (old hollywood)

After Cyd, came Rita Hayworth, alongside my tap dance classes. And I found out that we would never have a woman like Gilda. I could hear from my granpha’s mouth, with an exceptional excitement from him, the impact caused by the strip when the film was released. And it was also because of this film that I felt in love striptease. Thinking about it, it must have been because of Rita that my favorite part of the striptease is the gloves.

After that, so many inspirations came along that I realized that I was already a teen with a peculiar taste. As I got older, having more courage and attitude, I took on for my passion for the antique and assumed my freak side with no shame or fear. Being an old fashioned girl can be sort of funny to your friends. The other day, for example, I bought a blue and super old fascinator, and my friends named the poor hat after the 71’s witch. As a consequence, I never used it again.Elizabeth-taylor-1

Part of my peculiarity was formed with the help of old cinema, mainly my opinion about how to be a woman, femininitty and sensuality. Ok, I can’t deny, Maddona helped a little too. And it was also from old cinema that I learnt the most about fashion – Marlene dressed up as a man was a watershed to my juvenile head, and it is also from where I take zillions of inspirations to my shows. And men….I always fall in love for man who has the face of an old movie actor. He doesn’t have to be necessarily beautiful – I’m crazy about Humphrey Bogart – but he needs to have this charm, this polite attitude, a vintage spirit or a smell of it, whatever. But, of course that I won’t mind if he has Clark Gable’s eyes and Cary Grant’s body. Well, that’s enough for today, I have to drink my tea, take the bobs out of my hair and watch The Purple Rose of Cairo for the nity time. I invite you to do the same, it makes life prettier.



Celso Da Costa Hamelink

Celso Da Costa Hamelink, in love with the world of photography and art concept. He worked for different worldwide brands and international publishing groups. Obsessed with aesthetics, his world basically loops around images, colors, silhouettes, architecture and design. His favorite hobby is definitely travelling because it helps him to pick up the different essences of a variety of cultures which immediately inspires him to play the Art Director.

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