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Johnny is a star in São Paulo’s nightlife, he works as DJ, but has already worked as an actress. He has an unique style, is long-term friends with the fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch and together they have accomplished great projects.

Luxo has worked in the main gay nightclubs in SP, like Alôca and Glória, and his set list is great for the dancefloor, full of pop music and some mixes that are really fun!

Check out this cool interview with him and get to know a bit about the style and life of this icon.


WOW: Johnny, you have been working in clubs for a while now.What do you think about the clubs and the audience that go to your parties and places you find cool: is there nowadays a bigger variety of people, can they be original and outstanding?

Johnny Luxo: The club I like the most nowadays, when it comes to stucture and ambiance, is Yacht, one can make an anthopologic research on it, for you can find all kinds of people in there., and this mix is (almost) always interesting. When it comes to originality I have the feeling we are in an extremely poor moment, the audiences are immediatist and flat. In my opinion it’s internet’s fault.

W: You always say in your interviews about fashion, style and attitude. What makes the cute one become a monster?

JL: Politeness makes the cuty an ass… To be cute for good you have to say please and thank you in any circumstances. If you can’t talk, just smile… lol


W: About your outstanding style, what is a must have for you nowadays?

JL: Courrèges’ eskimo sunglasses are eternal for me.


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W: Let’s talk about music a bit… When we think of pop music there are some songs that come to our mind in a good set list. But, one can see this mix of pop music with brazilian popular culture that’s been going on, as we can see in your hits. What do you think of this mix?

JL: I really like this neverending versions that are popping up nowadays, but I believe most of the people prefere to listen the songs as they originally are. I don’t produce music, I just edit them to have as I like… lol


SCUZATE, GENTE! É MINHA AMIGA by Blckdmnds on Mixcloud

W: You have been in TV a couple of times, like in Adriana Galisteu’s programm and you’ve done this super hero serie… What’s you relation wuth this media? Are you interested in participating more in this area?

JL: I hardly ever am on TV, my last participation was in 2010 DJing for Galisteu’s show. I have done some short movies, like Aventuras dos super Poderosos (super powerful adventures), when I acted as a super hero with no super powers… lol

The one I like the most, though, is called Belíssima, when I interpreted an eccentric plastic surgeon.



W: You have worked in many fashion weeks already. Which is your favorite? SPFW is coming, will you be there again? Anything interesting you could tell us in advance?

JL: Indeed, I’ve been to many, my first one was in 1993! Nowadays I don’t really go, just check out the social medias and TV, way more practical… lol



W: Johnny, you are a nightlifer, but you also travel a lot… Any place you would recommend for clubs? And for relaxing?

JL: Usually when I travel, I do a lot of things but going out to a club, afterall that’s my job.

To relax, the best thing is a good bathtub bath and a nice company 😀


W: For a great night in São Paulo, what would you recommend? (like restaurants, clubs etc)

JL: In SP I recommend Yacht and Lions Night Club, but you should watch out for there are many different parties. For eating out  I like Tenda do Nilo (arabic food), St. Louis (Burguer) and Nadeli Delicatessen (french-italian with brazilian influences).


W: Johhny, would you like to leave a message for you readers?

JL: Don’t believe the magazines, you are BEAUTIFUL! lol


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