WOW – São Jorge’s Day in Rio de Janeiro by Natasha Kupfer

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Hello friends, I hope everybody is as excited as I’m to really start our adventure of discoveries, but unfortunately is autumn here and the weather is not tropical at all, and to be honest I wasn’t sure how this beginning would be without people out there on the beach so I could introduce them to you, but for my surprise Rio has overcome my expectations. What to do in Rio in this time of the year? Lots of things…Well, the bohemia in Lapa still goes on and the samba schools are getting ready to 2014.

Nova Iguaçu/RJ Dia de SAo Jorge WOW Revista

And when the cold is coming there is nothing better than to eat. By the way, I’ve found this very colorful and extremely mouthwatering pizzas, combinations over the pizza dough that made my tongue twist, meanwhile, I take the opportunity to look people around me. Despite being so different, they clearly show me a common aspect, no matter how old they are, everybody practices some kind of sport, that must be the reason why they get along so well with their bikinis on the beach. People here get old in a very beautiful way, suntanned and with beautiful bodies.

As people say, and it’s true indeed, everything is a party here. Last April 23. Rio de Janeiro, stopped to its patron São Jorge, or like he is called in Ubamda and Candomblé religions, Ogum. It was 5 o’clock on a Monday morning when everybody who were sleeping were awaked by fireworks and the whole city got together on the streets to party for São Jorge. The party started with corn sounds, and how it was likely to be, almost nobody worked, because everyone wanted to celebrate São Jorge’s day. The streets went red and white, filled of joy. Right now, once again everybody is alike, they huge each other and celebrate with a lot of faith.

It’s lunch time and the eating starts with a lot of samba, the chest vibrates with every beat and the heart follows the drums, you can’t help dancing and dancing was what I did. When I realized…it was 2o’clock in the morning. After lots of cold bear and samba is time to rest, because tomorrow we have to go after we have left behind. This year I‘m ready to it all once more. If you’re between yes and no. I vote YES, come to experience this!


Natasha Kupfer

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