Yves Saint Laurent’s biopic will be stared by Gaspar Ulliel

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One of the most important names in the fashion history will finally make it to the fashion biopic trend to homage his name and great contribution to the couture world. There isn’t  much information about it yet, the film has no title, finalized screenplay or even a release date, and yet we are already anxious to see it.


The main reason for it  is that the gorgeous French actor Gaspar Ulliel is to live the fashion designer that kept the Maison Dior one of the most influential Couture Houses after the death of its creator, Christian Dior. Bertrand Bonello (L’Apollonide) has been confirmed as the project’s director.


The production will start in the first semester of 2013. Many questions remain: who will be the costume designer? Which collections of the YSL’s carreer will be emphasized in the biopic?


Yves Saint Laurent has made his first appearance in the cinemas as the main subject of  the documentary L’Amour Fou about his 50 year romantic relationship with Pierre Bergè.

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